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blacks bitch contract


Henceforth I, jamie simms, a degenerate Black-subjugated racially inferior white male piece-of-ass who seeks to make amends to racially SUPERIOR BLACKS for slavery, racism, and colonialism, agree without reservation to the following rules to serve and submit to all SUPERIOR BLACK MALES and all SUPERIOR BLACK FEMALES.

1. I will enthusiastically fuck and suck all SUPERIOR BLACK COCKS,. as often as commanded by superior blacks, I will gladly lick and tongue-fuck all SUPERIOR BLACK CUNTS. And I will eagerly and cheerfully use my filthy Caucasian tongue to lick-out and tongue-fuck all washed or unwashed SUPERIOR BLACK ASSHOLES without hesitation and without showing my distaste or disgust whenever requested by any SUPERIOR BLACKS.

2. I will only suck inferior white weenies and rim washed white assholes when it is absolutely necessary for domestic calmness, or when requested by SUPERIOR BLACK MALES or SUPERIOR BLACK FEMALES. I will try to avoid sucking inferior white weenies and rimming white assholes whenever possible. But I will immediately and cheerfully use my disgusting Caucasian mouth and my filthy Caucasian tongue to lick-out and tongue-fuck any and all washed or unwashed SUPERIOR BLACK ASSHOLES whenever requested by any superior black person.

3. I am, from now on, a Black-subjugated disreputable filthy rimming white boi PIECE-OF-ASS restricted for the sexual gratification, pleasures, use, and sport of SUPERIOR BLACKS. I will NEVER wear undies except when a SUPERIOR BLACK PERSON decides that I must, and those undies will be very sexy and tiny, such a very sheer thongs or very thin revealing G-string

4. I agree to recruit, and to assist SUPERIOR BLACKS to recruit, other inferior white females and white bois to be Blacked, to go Black, to be Black-subjugated, and to be Black owned white sex-pigs. This includes any inferior white sisters or half-sisters, inferior white adult daughters, inferior white cousins, inferior white friends, inferior white women I just met, inferior white work-mates, inferior white schoolmates, etc.

5. As a BLACKOWNED filthy rimming inferior white piece-of-ass for SUPERIOR BLACKS I will be a total slave in my dwelling and inside any SUPERIOR BLACK person’s house or apartment AT ALL TIMES, unless otherwise permitted by a SUPERIOR BLACK Male or a SUPERIOR BLACK Female. My total nudity will advertise me as shameless BLACK OWNED racially degenerate white sex-meat.

6. When I am sitting while naked or in shorts with no undies, in the presence of SUPERIOR BLACK Males and/or SUPERIOR BLACK Females of any ages, I will keep my legs lewdly spread wide apart to fully expose my sex organs to SUPERIOR BLACK viewing. I will do this both to indicate my availability as a BLACK-SUBJUGATED filthy rimming white piece-of-ass for the sexual gratification and amusement of SUPERIOR BLACKS and to make known my inferior white degeneracy and white surrender to humiliation and domination by all SUPERIOR BLACK Males and all SUPERIOR BLACK Females.

7. When on rare occasions I must wear clothing, I will wear only the most suggestive, revealing, attire that I can legally get away with. If I am permitted by SUPERIOR BLACKS to go to work, I will wear the most sluttish and exposing clothing allowed by my employer. When at restaurants, out shopping, visiting friends or family, at school or college, at sporting events or movies, out clubbing or dancing, etc., I will never wear undies except when requested by SUPERIOR BLACKS.

8. I will keep my body cleanly and smoothly shaved at all times with no visible hair below the neck whatsoever.

9. To indicate to everyone that I am simply a filthy rimming white piece-of-ass for the sexual gratification, sport, and amusement of SUPERIOR BLACKS, I will use only graphic words such as “FUCK” (not “sex”), “cunt” (not “vagina”). I will use “COCK” when describing SUPERIOR BLACK COCKS. I will use “wee weenies” or “pee-pees” or “wee-wees,” and other such little-boy terms to describe inferior white male sex organs. I will use the word “ASSHOLE,” (not “anus”) such as when saying “fuck my asshole Superior Black Sir,” or, “I love using my filthy Caucasian tongue to lick-out and lick clean your luscious yummy superior Black asshole Superior Black Sir” (or Superior Black Ma’am).

10. If in a partnership with an inferior white male, my white partner and I will both always be TOTALLY NAKED in our house and TOTALLY NAKED in the presence of SUPERIOR BLACK MALES and/or SUPERIOR BLACK FEMALES at any other non-public locations. I will watch only black-dominating-white INTERRACIAL porn with him that shows SUPERIOR BLACKS FUCKING inferior whites, inferior whites COCKSUCKING SUPERIOR BLACKS, inferior whites EATING-OUT SUPERIOR BLACK cunt, and inferior whites LICKING-OUT SUPERIOR BLACK assholes. I will not watch, and refuse to allow him to watch, any porn that contains white weenies fucking white women or white women sucking white weenies or white women rimming white assholes.

11. My partner and I will have tattoos on the lower back on or near our buttocks that says “BLACK OWNED.” And above it will be a red-white-and-blue tattoo of a Confederate flag.

12. Any swimwear that I must wear, such as to a party or public pool were total nudity is not permissible, MUST be extremely brief. It MUST show my tattoos and otherwise show me off as a subjugated inferior white piece-of-ass for SUPERIOR BLACKS. I will try to wear only very sheer thong swim ware at these occasions.

13. I will do my best to inform other inferior white females and males of the web site and encourage them to visit the website to read black-dominating-white texts, see the black-dominating-white images and videos, learn about sexually serving SUPERIOR BLACK MEN and yielding to SUPERIOR BLACK WOMEN. And also to online chat about serving and sexually servicing SUPERIOR BLACKS.

14. I will do my best to have other white females and males sign an agreement similar to this one.

15. I will inform any SUPERIOR BLACK MALE whom I suck, fuck, and rim that I have signed Additional Black Cock Obedience Agreement for Subject White Female Pieces-of-Ass and will present him with a copy on demand.

16. I will eagerly and cheerfully suck, fuck, and rim SUPERIOR BLACK MALES and will immediately, enthusiastically, and happily fuck, suck, and rim any of my SUPERIOR BLACK sex-partner’s SUPERIOR BLACK guests, SUPERIOR BLACK friends, SUPERIOR BLACK school mates or SUPERIOR BLACK business associates as desired and requested. I will address all SUPERIOR BLACK Men and all SUPERIOR BLACK Boys as “Superior Black Sir” and all SUPERIOR BLACK Women and all SUPERIOR BLACK Girls as “Superior Black Ma’am.”

Name: jamie simms City: las vegas State: nevada Zip Code: 89143 Age: 19 E-mail Address: —

Sissy Black Cocksucker

Sissy Black Cocksucker

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